Evening on Bamford Edge

There was a time, not so long ago. Where all that would have mattered to me last night would have been to sit in a pub, getting slowly rat arsed, shouting, swearing, singing……
At the box in the corner, showing 11 men playing football against another 11 men who represented a different country…..
It was very, very important to me that the 11 men who represented my country defeated the other…..
Because then I could drink loads of beer and be happy rather than drink loads of beer and be depressed….

I stopped doing that…..
And found something that makes me happy all the time…..
So last night, I headed to Bamford Edge for a wander on another hot sunny evening.

In my 28 years of living in this country this is the best summer I’ve ever seen and I’m enjoying every moment of it 🙂

Evidence of barbecues on the bank above Cutthroat Bridge Car Park, not great, this area is ready to go up in flames at any moment.

A visit to the stone circle on Hordron Edge then off for some nav practice across Bamford Moor. I get it wrong quite a lot…..
I’m not paying enough attention to what I can see……
The path is always clear if you look closely enough… …

Finally I make it through the moorland to Bamford Edge……
The views open up….
The beautiful cloud patterns in the sky….
The sun shining down on Ladybower below…..

This, right here, is why I’m here……
The world around us, is so beautiful……
How could I want to be anywhere else but here….
This, right here, fills me with more happiness than anything the TV box shows us……

I wander along the edge……
Venturing out onto the crags…..
Watching the rock climbers as they test themselves………
The sun dropping down towards the hills……
I find myself somewhere to stop for my tea…..
Sat on a rock……
Enjoying the beautiful views and the quiet……..

Then time to return…..
The mole on the path scurrying around, looking for it’s hole……
I watch for awhile….

Getting back to the car just before it got dark……

Turn on the radio, England have won……
Fantastic, but I’m turning you off again…..
I don’t need to hear anything more……
I’m going to drive home, in peace, enjoying the evening I’ve just had 🙂

Take the time to get outside, the world is beautiful and she has so much to offer us if we go be with her ♡♡♡


2 thoughts on “Evening on Bamford Edge

  1. Beautifully written, Matt, sounds like an idyllic few hours. I once got lost trying to cross Moscar & Bamford Moors – not that I couldn’t see where I needed to be, just that I couldn’t find a route across where I didn’t start sinking ankle deep (or more) into the bogs. I didn’t fancy getting any wetter than I already was so I had head back the way I’d come. Not an issue up there in this weather though, I should think…


  2. Thank you Justin.
    It was a lot drier than normal up there yesterday. I’ve had fun before trying to find my way through the bog. Last time I gave up trying to get around and just walked right through it


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