A Wander by Head torch 

After two days and nights of New Year’s celebrations we both desperately needed to get outside. Getting up late on New Year’s Day though meant this would have to be a head torch walk.  I really enjoy walking at night, it’s a whole new experience.  Familiar walks can be experienced in a whole new way, the sounds are all entirely new ones as the nocturnal creatures go about their business under the cover of darkness.  Most of all no one else,except these two daft buggers from Yorkshire, is out at night so you get the paths to yourselves.

We’re on holiday in Cornwall at the moment so we looked at a map and decided on the half hour drive to Lizard Point for a short wander. 

Parking up near the lighthouse, opening the car door suggested this could be fun.  The wind was fighting against me as I pushed to get the door open. Well there won’t be any cobwebs left to blow away after this one, hopefully nothing else blows away at the same time. 

After getting kitted up we headed down the path to Lizard Point. The path descending downwards to the sea with a brilliant , near full, moon rising behind us and the powerful waves crashing against the rocks below. Passing the UK’s most southerly cafe, we rounded the corner to be met by the strong wind trying desperately to lift us off our feet. Continuing on a bit further downwards to watch the waves before deciding to return to the cliff top path and following that round, past the lighthouse towards Housel Bay.

The wind was much calmer around this side and as we arrived at the bay we turned off the headtorches to sit and enjoy the beauty of the waves crashing below us.  

This is the beautiful part of a walk in the dark, when you turn all artificial light off and immerse yourself in the beauty around you.  The waves below, the moon and stars above.  

Beautiful, just beautiful.  Hello 2018, you look absolutely gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “A Wander by Head torch 

  1. AHH, the last two pictures are so pretty, I can’t even ❤ ❤ And so true, when all the lights go off, the moon and stars and the sea must've looked so damn beautiful, I can't imagine. Great idea for a trip at night 😀

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