Back On The Grit


After Saturday’s exertions I decided Sunday’s adventures would be of a more relaxed kind. I wanted to have a good walk without the need for map reading or any concerns about the weather so I headed back to the Dark Peak.

The Dark Peak is one of my favourite areas for walking mainly because I’ve spent a lot of time here so know the paths well, it’s gritstone country so even in the wet your boots grip onto the rock (none of that soapiness of limestone) and it’s near my Mother-in-laws house so I’ve got an excuse to pop in for Sunday dinner after the walk 🙂

There was no planning involved in this walk at all, all my planning this week had been for Blencathra on Saturday so this one was just going to be one I made up on the day. Driving down I had 2 options in my head, Curbar Gap for a wander on the Edges there (always fantastic views) or the short climb up Higger Tor near Hathersage and see where my boots took me from there.

Higger Tor won. So I parked up at Surprise View above Hathersage, a very popular place to park as the views of the valley below are spectacular without even having to do any walking to earn them. It really is a most fantastic place to come and experience the beauty of the Peak, with views down into the Hope valley and onto Mam Tor and the Great Ridge

Boots on I went through the gate at the back of the car park and begin the gentle climb up. Stopping to scramble around on the rocks that feature in this area in abundance. A climb up Mother cap was out though as there was already plenty of people having a go on that one.


A stroll across Hathersage Moor and then a short climb up Higger Tor, finishing off with a new route by scrambling up some rocks to the top to enjoy the views down into the valley below. I love this walk, it’s so straightforward and accessible to all, you get a real feeling of openness but it’s so easy to get to.

After cavorting on the rocks on Higger Tor (I do get a childlike enjoyment from scrambling around on rocks) I headed down to Upper Burbage Bridge. This is where I noticed that my left knee really wasn’t happy with descents today. Each step was hard work and i uttered a few curses and yelps of pain as I headed downwards. I can only assume that my mountain adventures the day before had had an impact on my body and it was telling me that in no uncertain terms. This would be  a feature of my walk for the rest of the day, as my  knee got more and more painful.


I returned via the path below Burbage Moor and onto the stream flowing through Padley, by this point any step down even a small incline was painful and I was starting to wish I’d abandoned the walk earlier.

Then the beauty of nature unfolded in front of me. As I followed the path through the trees, alongside the stream a beautiful sunset revealed itself to me.




Moments like these are why I walk. Isn’t nature just so amazing? Every moment with her is just so beautiful but then you get those really special moments that make you so happy to be alive.

I live for those moments and I want to experience more of them!




5 thoughts on “Back On The Grit

  1. I live near Bodmin Moor, the Tors are relatively few but the geology and sense of space is similar. And you’re right, days seeing that sort of beauty are the best ones.


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